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Plan Bay Area:

Plan Bay Area will draw on lessons learned from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s (MTC) most recent long-range regional transportation plan, Transportation 2035 Plan: Change in Motion. That plan anticipated many elements of Plan Bay Area’s broader, more integrated focus on housing and sustainable communities.

MTC’s performance-based planning approach will also focus on measurable outcomes to help ensure that we achieve high returns on our transportation investments. For example, we have learned that investing in big infrastructure projects alone at the regional level yields only modest results compared to combining it with other strategies, such as pricing, land use, technology and behavior change. The goal remains the same: to make it as easy, speedy, safe and affordable as possible for all Bay Area residents to get from point A to point B.

April 2012 Update
MTC has released the proposed Draft Plan Bay Area Transportation Investment Strategy for discussion at the April 13, 2012 joint meeting of the MTC Planning Committee and ABAG Administrative Committee. The Plan Bay Area 28-year revenue totals $277 billion. The Proposed Investment Strategy details the proposed investments for the $56 billion (out of the $277 billion) that is available for the investment trade-off discussions.

June 2011 Update
MTC received about 900 submissions for consideration in response to its open “call for projects” for Plan Bay Area. Project submittals were due to MTC by April 29, 2011. Each of the nine Congestion Management Agencies (CMAs) assisted MTC by coordinating project submittals for their county. In addition, CMAs were responsible for the public involvement and outreach activities, and to coordinate with members of the public on project ideas. Caltrans and multi-county transit operators were allowed to submit directly to MTC, but coordination with the CMAs was encouraged.

MTC staff have been working closely with CMA staff and local project sponsors to review project submittals for completeness and to sort through projects and programs that are deemed “committed” as defined by MTC’s Committed Funds and Projects Policy, which was adopted in April 2011. In general, “committed” projects are projects that have received environmental clearance and have fully funding plans. A second category of “discretionary” projects will be run through a project performance assessment, and results of the performance assessment will be available for Commission discussion later this fall.

The draft list of projects is now available, although project data are subject to change.

For more information, contact Brenda Dix at (510) 817-5927 or Additional information about individual projects may also be available by contacting your county officials.

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